Change field position
  • 14 Feb 2023
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Change field position

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Article Summary

You have the possibility to change the position of your upload field.
You may wish to display your field directly above the add to cart button or perhaps in a different position?

While the old themes require a manual code snippet to be insert, all new Shopify themes that support the app block allow you to change the position with drag and drop.

How to?

1. Open the theme editor.
2. Go to your product page.
3. Open the so-called “product description” tab.
4. Check if the Uploadly app block is already added, if not please add it.
5. Click on the dotted dots behind the Uploadly app block, hold it clicked and move it to the required position.
6. Don't forget to save.


How to if my theme does not support app blocks?

To place the button in a specified position, you have to edit your product template code by opening:
Online Store > Themes, and clicking More actions > Edit Code for your published theme.

Steps to follow:

Go to your Shopify Admin

1.    Navigate to Online Store
2.    Select Themes
3.    Navigate to Actions (three dots in next to customize)
4.    Click on Edit code

Your product template code is usually inside sections/product-template.liquid, but this depends on your theme.
Select the correct template from the left menu, then paste this code in where you’d like the field to appear:

5.    Locatesections/product-template.liquid and paste this code:

<div id="photouploadapp"></div>

(You may have to experiment a little until you find the right place, every theme is different, so there is no universal solution.)

Not able to figure it out? 😅
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