Create upload field
  • 14 Dec 2022
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Create upload field

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After the theme setup has been successfully completed, you can create your first upload field.

1. Click on the button "New upload field" to open the setup.

2. Enter a unique name for your upload field.

3. Choose on which product/ variant/ collection you want to display your button.

*Targeting options beginners mode.
This products = A popup will open up, and you can tick the products on which your field should appear.
This collections =A popup will open up, and you can tick the collections on which your field should appear.
This variants =A popup will open up, and you can tick the variants on which your field should appear.

*Targeting options expert mode.
(Please only use the expert mode if you are very familiar with complex computer handling.)

Difference between any and all (As an example with conditions A and B):
Any means that the field is displayed both for condition A independently of B and for B independently of A.
All means the field is only displayed in combination of A and B.

4. The live preview displays the preview of your button. It will change as soon as you make further settings.
5. In the section "Labeling your button" you can change the labels like Heading, Button text... .

6. In the section “Button appearance” you can change the design of your button. (Checkout the live preview)

What is the Dialog language?
The dialogue language refers to the text in the upload popup which will open up after your upload button is clicked.

7. Select the way in which the uploaded images are displayed to your customers on the product page.

8.  In the last step, you can make various settings for the behavior of your upload field.

Upload quantity:
Here you can specify how many files your customer can upload.
- A single file
- A set of number of files
- Unlimited files

File types:

Here you can specify what kind of files your customer can upload.
- Any type of file
- Specific type of fil
-Image files only (For example: .png/ .jpeg/ .jpg)


You have the option to display a text field for each uploaded file. (Default: OFF)

This way, your customers can provide specific instructions regarding their uploaded file.

Required Field:

Require your customers to upload a file before they can proceed to the shopping cart.(Default: OFF)

Allow your customers to crop the uploaded images, you can also set a cropping preference. (Default: OFF)

By activating “Advanced editing” you allow your customers to rotate, sharpen, grayscale and edit uploaded images.(Default: OFF)

Pixel size restriction:
Specify the minimum size of the uploaded image.(Default: OFF)

File size restriction:
Specify here what requirements you have for your customers in terms of file size.(Default: OFF)

Upload sources:

Specify from which source files can be uploaded.
9. In the last step, you have to click the button "Save" and your field will be created.

Not able to figure it out? 😅
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