Setup Uploadly on your Wix Onlinestore.
  • 14 Feb 2023
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Setup Uploadly on your Wix Onlinestore.

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Article summary

In this fast setup guide you will get familiar with the most important things in minutes!

1. Installation

Visit the Wix App Market and search for Uploadly - File Upload.

Click the button "Add to Site" and afterwards click "Agree & Add" to start the installation.

2. Fulfill the requirements

1. Your Wix Onlinestore has to be on an active Business & E-Commerce Subscription.
2. You must have connected a Domain to your store. A free Wix-Domain is not working.
3. Your Website need to be published to make the App work.
4. You need at least one active product in your store.

If these requirements are not fulfilled, the App will not work. 

3. Create your first upload button for a product

1. First click the button "Add upload field" to create your first button.
2. The setup page will open up. 

4. Set a unique name for your upload field like "Upload".

5. Translate or edit the texts according to your needs.

6. Design the upload button according to your wishes to fit with your store.
    -> Choose the dialog language for the upload section.

7. Make further settings in the section "Behavior" to set allowed file quantity, file size, file types and more.

8.  In the section Targeting you have to set where your configured upload button should show up.
     -> Choose the products or variants.

Do not forget to save!

4. Check if the button shows on your product page

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