Show file in confirmation email
  • 15 Dec 2022
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Show file in confirmation email

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Article Summary

Follow these instructions to include the customers files in your order confirmation email.
(We recommend using this feature only if you are receiving images.)

1. Open the store settings and click on „Notifications„.

2. In the next step click on Order Confirmation, then Edit:

3. In the next step you have to copy and paste the following code into your email template.

{% if != blank %} {% for line_property in %} <span class=”line-item-description-line”> {{ line_property.first }} : <a href="{{line_property.last}}">Link</a> </span> {% endfor %} {% endif %}

4. Paste the code in line: 207

5. Don't forget to save!

Not able to figure it out? 😅
🛠 Use our: Setup service

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